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Ask cards by Jacob Nielsen
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Bookeyed Martin by Tart Workshop (free).

Huzzah for Bookeyed Martin, the much anticipated addition to the popular Bookeyed family. Upright & Strong he attracts eyes to his flashy serifs and ball terminals. His handsome lines, created with an old-fashioned dip pen & sepia ink, reference vintage type in a modern quirky style. Bookeyed Martin is an OpenType font with juicy alternates, ligatures, roman numerals, 2 sets of arabic numbers and charming extra glyphs to pimp out your project.

Need more excitement? Download his FREE title set to add more oomph to your next amazing poster, identity or stationery design.

Get it here:

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Handmade bags and accessories with a classic feel, and a rad new look.
Original style crafted in Budapest, Hungary.  Inspired by old-school rucksacks from the 70’s, YKRA’s bags aim to integrate retro mountain climbing style with superb craftsmanship, and original colors!  The YKRA backpacks are designed by Balázs Lakatos.  YKRA has an iconic logo that they have been using from the start.  My project was to create an identity for them with the original logo.

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Elisa Strozyk

Wooden. Rugs. Rolls those two words around in your mind hole for a minute or two. German artist Elisa Strozyk has created three variations of these delightful coverings. Strozyk dyes and connects row upon row of triangular pieces as she pulls together the end result of a colored wooden rug, which is so flexible that you can literally crumple it up and toss it into a corner. (via Design Milk)

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Alcabideche Social Complex

by Guedes Cruz Architects

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Kyung Woo Han

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Whitman Illuminated
by Allen Crawford

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'New York City Map

By Paloma Avila

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Comaxurros is a new concept of xurreria. A churro, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack.

Branding by Lo Siento

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Brilliant avant-garde execution! Love the colour palette also, from Germany.

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Monument Valley is Out Today!

Written by Elliott Finn

Remember that stunning, Escher-inspired puzzle game for iOS that you saw the trailer for a few months ago? Well, you can play it right now!

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