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Conceptual Photos by Juliette Bates (tumblr)

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In an industry composed of dark rooms and stodgy corporate layers, KTM not only kills off the preconceived notions of what audio post should be, but shatters the industry paradigm. The simple logotype bisected with a diagonal is symbolic of how they “cut out” the unnecessary layers and break from their past. The diagonal motif is used throughout the identity to draw juxtapositions, delineate space and reinforce a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere. Laid-back, SoCal imagery & video with pops of aqua help bring the outside in, while modern UX ensures KTM is firmly rooted in the future.


Killthemess/enger by TRÜF

Brand Identity, responsive web design


App animation design concept Original:
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App animation design concept Original:

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Notum is latin for ”known”, and is a tour operator as well as a consultancy company within the travel business in Norway. They focus on having a local insight and knowledge to all the small paths and unique sights in the vast nature in Norway – they want to deliver an extraordinary view worthy of a “postcard moment”. The identity builds on this, taking inspiration from a postcard stamp as logo together with photographs of Norwegian nature. The logo mark itself is a tree branching out to smaller paths and destinations.

Branding by Daniel Brokstad

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Ask cards by Jacob Nielsen
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Bookeyed Martin by Tart Workshop (free).

Huzzah for Bookeyed Martin, the much anticipated addition to the popular Bookeyed family. Upright & Strong he attracts eyes to his flashy serifs and ball terminals. His handsome lines, created with an old-fashioned dip pen & sepia ink, reference vintage type in a modern quirky style. Bookeyed Martin is an OpenType font with juicy alternates, ligatures, roman numerals, 2 sets of arabic numbers and charming extra glyphs to pimp out your project.

Need more excitement? Download his FREE title set to add more oomph to your next amazing poster, identity or stationery design.

Get it here:

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